Peace Weekend 2020 is a global broadcast and activation commemorating the International Day of Peace and laying the framework for the coming decade of global peace and world-transformational initiatives.

From September 19 through to September 21, the Peace Weekend Global Broadcast features powerful ceremonies, concerts, expert discussions, showcases innovative solutions as well as cultural celebrations from all around the planet.

Global Broadcast Feeds
Saturday, 19 Sep.

Global Broadcast Feeds
Sunday, 20 Sep.

Global Broadcast Feeds
Monday, 21 Sep.

Global Broadcast Schedule
PW Global Broadcast Schedule- Saturday V2
PW Global Broadcast Schedule- Sunday
PW Global Broadcast Schedule- Monday V5
The Schedule in detail
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Saturday September 19th

  • Manifest 2030 Dance Party
  • Global Release of Calliope’s Dream by Kristin Hoffmann & Michael Fitzpatrick
  • Celebration of Cosmic Mass with Mathew Fox, Mirabai Starr, Pat McCabe and guests – “Return of the Divine Feminine”
  • UN2020 program on UN International Day of Peace
  • Global Engagement Hour at UP Convergence
  • Poetry Slam for Peace
  • Shift Summit & Music Festival
  • Decentralized Dance Party
  • Gaia Dance

Sunday September 20th

  • Peace on Earth by 2030 Public Launch from New York
  • Shift Summit & Music Festival
  • One Humanity Institute live Concert from Auswchitz
  • Infinite Potentials Film Release and Panel
  • “Dance of Blessings” Ceremony opening First People’s Embassy, Stony Point, NYC
  • Eco-Conscious Music Alliance Special Concert
  • Global Engagement Hour at UP Convergence
  • Shift Indigenous Council
  • Interfaith Roundtable of Hawaii
  • Dance Party from New York City
  • Global Engagement Hour at UP Convergence

Monday September 21st – UN International Day of Peace

  • Peace One Day Broadcast Live from UK and around the world
  • Shift Summit and Music Festival
  • Global Engagement Hour at UP Convergence
  • Peace Day Broadcast from Patagonia
  • Peace Day Celebrations from Chicago
  • Peace Day celebrations from Tokyo
  • Program From African Union ECOSOCC
  • Special presentation from Tillman (UN) Chapel in New York featuring the Global Silent minute at 12:00pm EDT
  • UPLIFT event Concert in Jerusalem and synchronized moment of global Prayer
  • Featured presentations with global Peacebuilders including Deepak Chopra, Avon Mattison, Ken Kragen, Artie Kornfeld, Jane Goodall, Jonathan Granoff, Foster & Kimberly Gamble and more!

Join us in this great banquet and celebration of planetary consciousness as we journey together towards greater unity, healing, justice and peace with all of life.